News Report

News Report

FLOORSHOP Champions League



• There are 4 groups and 4 teams containing 1st and 2nd Division teams.
• The scoring system will be the same as the normal league season (100up). 
• No.3, No.4 and No.5 players from Division 2 teams will receive +20pts at the start of their game against their 1st Division opponents. 

• Regarding the group tables, 1 point will be awarded for every point scored by each player in a match. 
• 100 points will also be awarded to the team that wins the match.

example below:
• The match scores are 100-80, 70-100, 50-100, 90-100, 100-90; 
• The home team would get 100+70+50+90+100 = 410 points, the away team would get 80+100+100+100+90 and an EXTRA 100 for winning the match 3-2, so would get 570 points.

Please send photo of scorecard to the Captains WhatsApp Group or post on the League Facebook Group.

The winners of each group will advance to the Semi-Finals, which will be played at neutral venues (tbc) and the Final will be played at Qzone on 7th December.